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We are glad to announce the official start of our “Holiday Kindness” programme from tomorrow the 15th of August 2020 to 15th of September 2020. Together we can make the World a better place!

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It is often said that if the purpose of a thing is not understood abuse is inevitable. God is the source of all creation and all things exist for Him. We all have one purpose on this earth to know Christ and to make Him know, we fulfil this through unique channels and business is one of these channels. I firmly believe the purpose of business is to serve humanity; it’s a tool to serve our world by providing solutions to crucial problems in the community. We use our gifts and talents to create products that will make our world better.

The question is how can this be possible without God? Since He is the creator of all things that we see, how can we effectively discover our gifts if we don’t connect Him who deposited it in us? How can we understand how to solve community problems without the counsel of the Owner of the universe? Will it be possible to effectively bless humanity without His divine leadership? God is our only source and for those who understand business is not money making machine, but an opportunity to create products that will serve humanity, ultimately make profit in connection with Christ.

Christ is that light and power we need to create successful Entrepreneurial ventures. You involve God in your Business by the quality of service or product you offer, you serve them with the knowledge you are representing Christ. You can achieve this by; accepting his unconditional love for you as you make Him the Lord of your life, involve Him in every decision as you decide your core values… Jesus Said ‘My Sheep hear my voice and they follow me….” John10:27. Also, how you treat your customers is crucial. Christianity is not a religion, it’s a family of God through our union with Christ Jesus, an inseparable oneness, His life has become yours and your life His. You are his bodily embodiment on the earth and now your business should focus on helping men to experience that life. You do that through an active fellowship with Him, enquiring of Him at every stage of the business. This is called being led by the person of the Holy Spirit. Your decisions originate from quality time listening. How do you listen to Him? By committing to the study of His Word and worshipping.

It’s important to belong to a local church that will teach you the pure Word of God, the Lord will lead you if you ask Him. It’s also very important you associate with Christians in Business, platforms like the Royalty Business Breakfast will help you network and learn from other Christians in Business how to do business Gods way. My advice to Start-ups is that the most expensive place to be is out of the will and plan of God. The easiest way to grow in business is to stay connected to the one who knows all things. My first counsel will be to get a mentor, serve them (that’s why I love the Noela Lyonga Foundation and volunteerism) and learn. Spending quality time in meditation to know yourself as God knows you is non-negotiable. Time spent investing in yourself and building quality will have the greatest return and the surest guarantee to success. I believe opportunity is everywhere, invest in preparation, work on being the best so that you can recognize and appropriate opportunity when it shows up. When you become excellent at what you do, kings will look for you. Myles Monroe said; ‘Ripe mangoes don’t carry themselves to the Market”. Think about that!!!

Mama Doris Ngum
Ceo/Founder Royalty Business Breakfast

I think anyone can inspire someone as I do too. Well I believe I go out of my way to help young people avoid the land mines I crossed when I was much younger. Landmines around their education, career and personal life. About coaching and mentoring, I would say they both are ways of helping someone to get better at something by prompting them to use their own skills, ask the right questions and think for themselves. The only difference is that coaching is short term while mentoring is for longer periods. I support coaching and mentoring for development because I think young people now are surrounded by the raw material they need to move from point A to point B. They just need someone to help them see the big picture and to get their brains thinking in the right direction. Now that is something not every youth has access to.

What advice can you give to youths with regards to their future personal and community goals? Hmm, you know I like dealing with young people on a case by case basis because they are all different, with different dreams and aspirations and skills sets. However, a general advice is for them to take upon themselves to be the change they wish to be. This is the first step towards being a young change maker. Not to only see problems but to ask themselves, what can I, in my little corner do to make this problem lessen. May be lessening it in their neighbourhood, then from there the idea to do it at large scale will come.

Secondly, I would advise youths to take advantage of the technology benefits they have. With one’s mobile phone, a master’s degree or several short courses can be gotten in the most prestigious Universities in the world. With a tool called Google, a young lady can learn to become a master cake maker. So instead of looking for a god father to push things for them or look for money to bribe themselves into higher education institutions they can push themselves to the level they want to become with their own smart phones. I would tell them, take example from someone like Noela, and many like her who have learnt to use social media to boost their small actions to international levels. Chatting is not bad, but one should learn to know how to aim for what will make them grow.  Visiting YouTube is good, but creating a YouTube account to share short videos on a small project on community development is better.

Ayuk Besong Anne-Chantal

Occupation: Journalist

Volunteerism is something I cherished and admire because it gives an inner feeling of satisfaction and joy. It is very satisfying to see somebody relieved from your non-remunerative activities. I have volunteered in my domain. I founded the Manyu Solidarity foundation in 1995 and for 15 years thereon we carried out voluntary medical consultations, treating, operating, managing and distributing medications in Manyu.  I also volunteered in that same capacity in my village Mbinjong in Manyu Division. 10 years ago I volunteered as Secretary General of SWEDA to carry out free cancer screening among patients, treating cancers of the cervix, prostrate for men above 40 and breast cancer for women.

Noela Lyonga Foundation is one area where I have also volunteered. I volunteered to give free public speeches on cancer prevention, other medical conditions like hepatitis, prevention of breast cancer, and others. I actually laud the effort of the foundation. The CEO is enterprising, engaged and focused so I will always give my contributions no matter how small it may be. The foundation carries out non-remunerative activities which are of very vital significance in society and I pray the foundation goes on to inspire more people to volunteer for their personal development and that of the communities.

Volunteerism is long term investment, you don’t reap from volunteerism in the short term. It is like planning and planting for the future. It never fails to produce; it does not come in a form which you expected. You may not have money or wealth form volunteerism but you will network, create awareness, save lives, have circles of friends, admirers and people who will benefit from you and you from them. All these will give you an inner feeling of satisfaction and joy of achievement which I think is much better than physical wealth.

Professor George Enow Orock

  • Medical Doctor (Pathologist by training)
  • Director of Yaoundé Cancer Registry,
  • Director of the Buea Regional Hospital,
  • Head of Department for Biomedical Sciences in the Faculty of Health Sciences University of Buea
  • Volunteer with the Noela Lyonga Foundation.

The role of women and young people in a nation’s development is paramount. The above cannot exculpate them from criminal responsibility which implies that notwithstanding their importance in society they are not exonerated when they violate the law. The Latin maxim of nemo est supra legis (no one is above the law) throws more light.

Considering the position they occupy, when they finds themselves in prisons, their correctional facilities should focus on rehabilitation to ensure that after their terms, they should avoid the further commission of crimes and impact their society with skills learnt while in prison.

Rural women forming a majority of women who are in prison are considered as key agents for development and they play a catalytic role towards the achievement of a transformational, economic, environmental and social changes required for sustainable development.

Talking about youths, though considered leaders of tomorrow, they are inextricably linked to many societal vices which more often than not attract criminal sanctions. It could be discerned from the above that the two categories of people are not only vulnerable but also important to the progress of a nation hence a need to penetrate our already crowded prison to commence rehabilitation programs to facilitate abandonment of crimes, ease reintegration in the society by exhibiting skills acquired while in prison.

Rehabilitation of inmates is broad based which could be Educational, Employment, Counselling, Wellness and Community rehabilitation. It was under educational rehabilitation that a group of inmates within the maximum security Eastern New York Correctional Facility won Harvard’s College Debating Union.

In Cameroon and in Africa, we could concentrate on rehabilitation options like counselling rehabilitation which has vacation, academic, social and personal topics. We therefore encourage stake holders in the justice and penitentiary department to initiate programs to achieving this move which will propel the development of our nation.

William Netonge Nguve Esq

Barrister and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Nigeria

Associate Member, Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliator


We promote volunteerism and inspire people to develop themselves and their communities at large.



We promote volunteerism and inspire people to develop themselves and their communities at large.



Tel: + 237 671 244 818
+ 237 695 453 454


 We promote volunteerism and inspire people to develop themselves and their communities at large.



Tel: + 237 671 244 818
+ 237 695 453 454

© 2019  Noela Lyonga Foundation

© 2019  Noela Lyonga Foundation